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Any time you host a large number of people, the potential for security threats increases. Security threats may come from unrest between guests or intruders taking advantage of distractions. But International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) allows you to enjoy events hosted at your home by providing private security services.

Types of Residential Events for Which We Offer Private Security

IPS most commonly provides residential event security for:

  • Funerals
  • Weddings
  • Graduation parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Quinceañeras

We can provide security patrols or standing guards during event preparations and the actual event or while you are away from your home taking care of family matters.

Private Event Security Interview

To ensure we provide adequate security staff for your home event, IPS conducts a security interview and site evaluation so that we know:

  • If you are expecting deliveries, and if so, on what days and from what vendors
  • If will there be children present during the event
  • All access points to the premises
  • What access points (if any) are to be restricted so that all expected traffic is diverted to one main gate or door
  • If alcohol will be served
  • If you have a list of attendees

Based on the information we gather about your event, we can ensure the right types of security coverage and number of officers.

Residential Event Security Service Terms and Options

IPS offers flexible residential event security services. You determine:

  • The duration of event security services (four-hour minimum)
  • The visibility of officers
  • The extent to which officers may act to resolve a security threat

We also allow flexibility in payment for private event security. We accept personal checks and credit card payments. We prefer advanced payment, but we may make arrangements for post-event payment.

Learn more about the benefits of private special event security and how to choose the best event security company. Contact us for a quote and to book services for your event date.

International Protective Service, Inc. provides superior residential event security. Call us to coordinate executive detail.

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