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Commercial events have the potential to attract the wrong kind of attention. International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) can keep your property and guests safe during your event with private security detail.

Types of Commercial Events for Which We Provide Security Service

IPS can handle security detail for a wide range of commercial events, such as:

  • Company parties
  • Concerts
  • Fairs
  • Hotel events
  • Restaurant events
  • Store grand openings

We handle security for every size of event and every type of event venue.

Event Security Interview and Assessment

IPS provides superior commercial event security because we take the time to find out what you really need to ensure your guests’ safety. We start all event security services with an interview and site evaluation to determine:

  • Access points to the event, including those restricted for access by event staff, VIPs, etc.
  • The number and age of guests (i.e. if children and/or individuals with special needs are expected to attend)
  • If alcohol will be served
  • Name and number of invited guests (for closed commercial events)

The information we gather from our interview and security assessment allows us to make recommendations for event security and ensure we provide adequate staffing for your event.

Commercial Event Security Service Terms and Options

When you choose IPS for your commercial event security, you define the parameters of security services. For instance, you choose:

  • The duration for which event security services are needed (four-hour minimum)
  • How visible or inconspicuous our officers are on-site
  • If and to what extent officers may use force to resolve security issues

Contact us to learn more about our commercial event security service options and to schedule security detail for your special event.

Commercial event security provided by IPS can spare you the expense of property damage, operational downtime and liability.

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