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International Protective Service, Inc.
Aaron T. Jones & Associates, Inc.

Our Locations
IPS has branch locations currently in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, California & Florida. Our services are perfect for residential, commercial and executive protective services.

Corporate Mailing Address
PO Box 27527
Albuquerque, NM 87125

Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
to Protect You, Your Family, and Your Business.

To become part of the IPS team, please complete the employment application by clicking here. After you have finished the application, fill out the form, save a copy and email it to [email protected]

Service Areas


Arizona PPO #1630438

California PPO #119960

District of Columbia PPO #1103

Florida PPO #B3000229

New Mexico PPO #2109

Texas PPO #C18778

Colorado Private Security Employer: 2023-BFN-0003165

Kentucky Certificate to Transact: 927883
PI Company: BPIPCO00225448
Security Agency: 16ARM1000

Illinois Certificate to Transact: 70281635

Virginia Dep. of Criminal Justice Services Authorization: 11-20510

Alaska Business License: 2173257

Oklahoma Certificate of Authority: 2312573397

Montana Certificate of Authority: F1336216

Wyoming Certificate of Authority: 2021-001029220