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As a business owner, when you need goods or services, you do your research so that you get what you need at the best price. The same is true for commercial security services. To find out what security services are necessary to protect your property, inventory and/or employees and customers on the premises, you need to consult with the experts.

International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) provides commercial security consultation in the greater Albuquerque region to help you identify security weaknesses and risks and the infrastructure, services and policies you need to close the gaps.

Why Invest in Security Consultation

As a business owner, your expertise is in your industry. Our expertise is in the security industry. We have the experience and training to identify potential security threats and penetration points in your existing security system. We also know what security strategies will most cost-effectively provide a solution so that you can focus on running your business.

The Security Consultation Process

Security consultation from IPS is a minimally invasive process. We do not disrupt normal business operations. Our consultants simply need:

  • Your time for an interview to learn more about facility operations, employee activities and access needs, etc.
  • Access to your facilities for a security assessment

Our consultants take the time to locate every access point, existing security infrastructure, etc. We develop a written report that itemizes:

  • Security weaknesses
  • Recommendations for security improvements

Our report will include recommendations for commercial security services provided by IPS, but our services are by no means the only ways to tighten security on your commercial property. If you have your own security staff, we offer training to enhance your officers’ skills and expand their capabilities.

Take the first step to making a wise investment in enhanced security at your commercial facility—contact us to schedule an assessment and interview with our experienced security consultants.

Call International Protective Service, Inc. for expert consultation to help you enhance security at your commercial facility.

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