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When you want a private security company to help ensure the safety of your premises and guests, you need to choose the right security company—the company with the experience, credentials and capabilities to effectively prevent and resolve threats. You will find what you are looking for in International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS).

Credentials of the Security Company and Company Officers

One of the most important criteria for choosing a security company is the credentials of the security firm and the qualifications of each officer. Unfortunately, in the greater Albuquerque area, there are a number of private security companies who put you and your home at greater risk because they do not carry the required insurance…and worse.

IPS meets a higher standard. As a security firm, we are licensed in 16 states to provide protective and investigative services. Every agent possesses the right skills and experience—we make sure of it during our rigorous vetting and hiring process.

Security Service Options

When choosing a security company for your home event, you must make sure you get the right type of coverage—i.e., security services that prevent and resolve threats without intimidating your guests and/or neighbors.

IPS offers a wide range of private event security options, such as:

Private event security services are available during event preparations as well as the day of the event.

Control over Security Service Terms

Because the event is at your home, you should be able to control the extent to which your private security company acts to resolve a threat. When you choose IPS, you do.

You drive the terms of your event security contract, which means you decide:

  • If agents will be armed or unarmed
  • If agents may use physical force and what kinds (e.g. pepper spray, baton, etc.)

IPS will make recommendations for private event security after conducting a free security assessment. Contact us to get started.

International Protective Service, Inc. home event security protects you and your guests. Call us to coordinate.

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