When you select International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) for your commercial security service, you choose protective service provided by some of the most highly trained officers in the industry.

State-Certified Training for All Officers

All IPS officers, regardless of background (even military or law enforcement experience), must complete our New Mexico State-certified in-house training program. Our training program covers the required skills for New Mexico guard Levels I, II and III, which includes:

  • State and local laws that define and restrict the use of force and powers of detention and arrest
  • State and local laws that outline relevant legal liabilities for citizens, officers and employers
  • Limits to authority of security officers
  • Verbal and written communication skills and techniques for conflict management
  • De-escalation techniques and appropriate use of force
  • Basic first aid
  • Radio dispatch protocol
  • Note-taking and report writing
  • How to secure and area
  • How to identify and handle evidence

Additional firearms training is required for Level III officers who, upon passing their certification test, will be authorized to carry lethal force.

Additional Training for Commercial Security Detail

Commercial facilities present some unique security considerations, such as:

  • Hostility and/or workplace threats from employees, visitors and/or customers
  • Hostile entry by relations of an employee
  • Theft and suspicious activity in outlying areas, like parking lots or storage areas

The officers assigned to patrol or stand guard at your place of business receive additional training so that they are aware of these threats and how to de-escalate them. They will also receive training specific to your location so that they follow protocols and reporting procedures that you have defined.

The best trained officers make for the best personal and property protection. Contact IPS for a free security assessment and make us your private security contractor.

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