Is your inventory diminishing faster than sales indicate? Have funds been suspiciously misallocated? Does an individual pose a threat to your place of business? Finding answers to questions like these require thorough investigation. Albuquerque-based International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) offers the expert private investigation services you need to get answers and take action.

Why Hire a Private Investigator?

There are many reasons you may want or need to hire a private investigator, such as:

  • There is not sufficient evidence for a law enforcement agency to open an official investigation
  • You need more information in order to make executive decisions but do not have the time or resources to hunt down the information yourself
  • You need peace of mind

Getting the information you need discreetly before making any changes in policy or staffing can spare your reputation and public backlash. It may also prevent (further) property damage or loss.

Why Choose IPS for Private Investigation Service?

You have a number of choices for private investigation services, but IPS is your best. Our private investigators have years of experience and have worked for investigative agencies at the state and federal levels.

IPS private detectives work for you. That means:

  • We have no agenda or desired outcome of the case other than it is resolved, so we find and consider every circumstance, every piece of evidence.
  • We report to you, so you always know what is going on with your investigation.

Because our investigators have such extensive experience, they also have extensive relationships within the investigative and law enforcement communities. They may have an easier time navigating systems and accessing information than an “outsider.”

How to Get IPS Working Your Case

To hire IPS for private investigation services:

  1. Contact us. Our investigators will immediately start gathering information over the phone and schedule an in-person case consultation.
  2. Come in for a free initial case consultation. Based on the information you provide on the phone, we will do our best to schedule your meeting with the investigator whose skill set best matches your needs.

That’s it. If IPS takes your case, your investigator will provide further information about what to expect during the investigation process, such as:

  • Investigative strategies and resources that will be needed
  • Timeline for investigative services

You may contact your investigator any time to request status updates and provide additional information as it becomes available. Please see our tips for working with your private detective to learn how you can contribute to an efficient investigation.

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