International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) can help minimize security risks at your place of business with routine patrol service.

Benefits of Security Patrol Service

Routine patrol service from IPS ensures your business is checked a minimum of two times each day to ensure the security of the premises. Having a private security contractor perform daily patrols comes with a number of benefits for business owners, including:

  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Reduced risk of break-ins and theft

Because IPS has our own private dispatch, in the event our patrol officers see signs of suspicious activity or criminal trespassing, backup can be sent immediately. Because our officers are so highly trained, they can resolve many security issues before law enforcement is ever called.

Customizable Security Patrolssecurity patrol

Basic security patrol service from IPS is provided on a month-to-month basis and entails a minimum of two daily passes. However, you can ramp up security by customizing patrols to include:

  • Increased minimum number of daily passes
  • Foot patrols where officers check all entrances
  • Standing guard service, which may entail:
  • Access control/badge inspection
  • Wand inspection of entrants
  • K9 narcotics detection of company-owned property

You may also request that our officers stay on-site until the last employee leaves to ensure their safe departure. And, we can escort employees from the premises if need arises.

If Security Patrols Are Not Enough

Drive-by security patrols may be sufficient to prevent your business from becoming the target of property or personal crime. We can help you determine if security patrols are enough or if your business location, employee profiles, etc. warrant ramped up security measures through a free security assessment. Contact us to get started.

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