Off-Duty Officers for Commercial Security in the Greater Albuquerque, New Mexico Region

International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) offers a wide range of commercial security services as well as various types of expertise to provide those services. Our clients have the option to select service provided exclusively by off-duty law enforcement agents.

Off-Duty Officers Only Available from IPS

IPS is the only private security company in the greater Albuquerque region that offers protective service exclusively by off-duty law enforcement officers. All members of our Law Enforcement Division must provide proof of their active duty status, so we know—and you know—they’re for real.

Benefits of Off-Duty Officers for Your Security Service

Off-duty officers are able to provide a higher level of security service because:

They have extensive training and experience
They have a broad skill set that includes both de-escalation and physical threat resolution strategies. Plus, in their time in the field, they’ve handled countless security threats.

They have relationships with local law enforcement agents and agencies
As members of this community, off-duty officers know how local agencies are run and who may be on-duty. In the event that law enforcement must be called, this knowledge may facilitate a timely response and ensure on-scene protocols are carried out.

They speak the language
When law enforcement is on the way, our off-duty officers know what police officers need to know and the professional-speak that makes for quick exchanges and timely processing.

Most importantly, off-duty officers can give you peace of mind, knowing your commercial premises are so well-protected.

Boost Security at Your Commercial Facility

IPS does not require commercial clients to show cause for wanting increased security to qualify for off-duty officer security service. You may simply request that your services be provided by our Law Enforcement Division. All you have to do is be a client, and it’s easy to get started—contact us to schedule your free security assessment.

Call International Protective Service—the only private security company that offers services provided by off-duty law enforcement officers.
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