Law Enforcement Division for Commercial Security in the Albuquerque and the Greater Southwest

International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) takes pride in being a full-service security contractor. In order to offer the highest level of personal and property protection, we have a commercial Law Enforcement Division.

Why Choose Our Law Enforcement Division for Your Commercial Security Needs

There are a number of benefits to having private security service provided by off-duty and/or retired law enforcement agents, such as:

  • Extensive training in firearms handling and storage as well as de-escalation techniques
  • Experience resolving a wide variety of security threats
  • Ability to communicate and coordinate with law enforcement to process detained individuals, conduct investigations, etc.

Our law enforcement division simply has a broader skill set when it comes to handling security threats, and those skills could save lives and assets on your commercial property.

Who Should Consider Law Enforcement Division for Commercial Security Services

Our Law Enforcement Division is best suited to protect high-risk commercial facilities, such as:

  • Movie theaters
  • Retail stores and shopping centers
  • Convenience stores
  • Banks
  • Construction sites

However, IPS’ Law Enforcement Division is available to any commercial client. There is no minimum property value or level of assessed security risk that must be present to qualify.

Qualifications for Our Law Enforcement Division

IPS has high standards for all our security officers, but our Law Enforcement Division must provide additional credentials, including:

  • Active-duty status with a law enforcement agency OR
  • Documentation of honorable release from service from a law enforcement agency

Although we know past training makes these officers more than equipped to handle security threats, no officer bypasses our New Mexico State-certified in-house training.

Get Custom Security Detail from Our Law Enforcement Division

IPS customizes commercial security services to meet the needs of your Albuquerque-area business. Contact us to begin protective service with a free security assessment.

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