Commercial K9 Division Serving the Greater Albuquerque, New Mexico Region

International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) is a full-service private security company. We offer our commercial clients advanced capabilities typically reserved for law enforcement agencies, including a K9 division.

New Mexico’s Only Private Security K9 Division

IPS is the only private security contractor in the greater Albuquerque area (and our Arizona and Texas service areas) to offer a K9 division. The investment in highly trained K9 officers and handlers both expands our capabilities in the field and demonstrates our commitment to providing superior service to our clients.

Capabilities of Our K9 Division

Although our K9 officers may look warm and fuzzy, they are highly trained professionals that can execute a range of tasks, including:

Our K9 division can be used to search any company-owned property (e.g. lockers, parking lots) to ensure no contraband is on your premises.

In the event that a suspect flees, our K9 officers can give chase, increasing the chances of detaining the individual for processing by law enforcement.

Hire K9-Assisted Protective Service

IPS performs a free security assessment to make recommendations for security service at your commercial facility. We may recommend patrols or guards by our K9 division, or you may request them. Contact us to get started.

International Protective Service, Inc. is one of the only private security companies with a K9 division. Call us for a free security assessment.
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