Every officer at International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) completes our rigorous in-house training program before they are allowed to go on duty. New Mexico Level III guards, which are licensed to carry and use lethal force, undergo additional firearms training to ensure the highest level of protection.

Level III Guard Firearms Training Curriculum

Level III guard training for IPS officers does involve significant range time so that officers can increase and maintain their familiarity with firearms handling. But firearms training includes much more. Our officers are trained to know when and how to most effectively wield their weapon to resolve a security threat.

Our firearms training curriculum includes:

  • Use of force continuum—appropriate use of force and de-escalation techniques
  • The five firearms safety rules
  • Laws pertaining to firearms and deadly physical force
  • Legal and practical aspects of use of force and personal/employer liability
  • Verbal and written communication and conflict management
  • Specific weapon endorsement
  • Training household members
  • Hazards of loaded firearms in the home

Firearms training for IPS officers in other states uses a similar curriculum that covers all necessary topics to qualify for state armed guard certification.

Ongoing Firearms Training

Learning how and when to use a weapon once is not enough to ensure safety. Our officers receive on-going training from their supervisors and must requalify on the range twice each year to maintain their Level III certification.

Why We Invest in Extensive Firearms Training

In the field, there’s no time for second-guessing or poor firearms handling. For their own safety and for the lives of those they’re paid to protect, IPS officers must be ready—mentally and physically—to use their firearms. That’s why we invest in extensive training.

For superior armed services, contact IPS. We can help you determine what armed security services you may need through a free security assessment.

International Protective Service provides extensive firearms training to ensure your safety. Call us to begin armed commercial security service.
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