When you are looking for a private commercial security company, you should look for a company that offers the most capabilities to protect your property and those on it. International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) offers armed security services to provide the highest level of protection.

Why Consider Armed Security Services

Some businesses may be hesitant to have armed officers on-site, fearing firearms on the premises will increase safety threats. But in the hands of highly trained IPS officers, firearms simply increase the resources we have to resolve security issues.

Having armed security at your commercial facility sends a strong message to potential criminals to rethink their target. Armed security officers can also more effectively protect the lives of your employees and customers against internal or external threats wielding lethal force.

Armed Security Capabilities

The armed security services IPS can provide include:

Any of our armed security services, with the exception of patrol and transport, may be provided by plain-clothes officers to reduce visibility if that is what you prefer.

Why You Can Rely on Our Armed Security

You can count on IPS’ armed security services because they are provided by the most highly trained and experienced officers in the industry. Many of our officers are current or former law enforcement or military, and all of them complete our state-certified in-house training. Armed guards undergo regular firearms training to maintain their certification and ensure their performance under stress.

For superior private security, contact us. We provide a free security assessment to develop a customized security service plan for your commercial facility.

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