Commercial Security in the Greater Albuquerque, New Mexico Region

International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) offers the highest level of private security with armed patrol and standing guard officers.

armed guardWhat It Takes to Be an Armed Guard

The capability to use deadly force is not something we take lightly at IPS. In order for our officers to be armed guards (Level III certified in New Mexico), they must prove they have the knowledge, temperament and skill it takes to know when and how that force may be applied.

All of our armed guards complete rigorous training that includes:

  • Previous professional training—either law enforcement/military background or five years as a licensed security officer
  • Our state-certified in-house training program—a 46-hour course that covers topics ranging from legal responsibilities and liabilities to de-escalation techniques to firearms handling
  • Field training with an experienced officer—an additional 40-68 hours of supervised performance
  • Advanced training—up to 40 hours per quarter
  • Daily and weekly firearms training

These training requirements are for the officers who have successfully passed our six-part hiring process that includes a background check into a candidate’s personal, professional and financial standing.

When We May Recommend Armed Guard Service

Commercial patrol services are almost exclusively provided by armed officers because there is no way to predict what situations may arise during patrols. When it comes to standing guard duties, you may have an option between an armed or unarmed guard. However, there are some commercial facilities and/or situations when IPS will recommend (and may require) an armed standing guard if our free security assessment indicates heightened security risk.

Contact us to enhance security at your commercial facility with armed standing guards and patrols.

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