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No matter what kind of business you manage, security of the property and the people who work, live or conduct business there should be one of your top priorities. You can ensure the highest level of security without adding to your daily concerns by choosing International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS)for your commercial security needs.

Types of Commercial Properties We Cover

IPS handles security for all types of commercial properties, including:

  • Retail shops and shopping centers
  • Financial institutions
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities

We also work with property management companies to provide security services for multi-family housing units and complexes.

There is no business too large or too small for IPS.

Commercial Security Services We Offer

IPS is a full-service commercial security company, so we offer a range of options, including:

You control the extent to which our officers are visible and able to act to resolve security threats. Commercial services can be performed by uniformed officers in marked vehicles or plain-clothes officers in unmarked cars.

The Unmatched Performance We Deliver

Finding the right private security contractor used to be a challenge. It’s not any more. IPS provides superior commercial security services. Period.

Our officers are all highly trained and experienced professionals, many of them current or former military or law enforcement, who have completed our in-house training program. Our presence prevents many security issues, yet our officers have the skills and capabilities to resolve security threats that arise. The discipline and diligence of our agents is obvious, and that will reflect in your peace of mind and ability to focus on running your business.

Make IPS your commercial security services provider. Contact us for a free security assessment to get started.

International Protective Service, Inc. provides superior executive protective service. Call us to coordinate executive detail.

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