Your investment in a residential or commercial security alarm system is not reaching its full potential if you are depending on local law enforcement to respond. International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) can provide better response time and better outcomes when your alarm goes off.

Why Invest in Armed Alarm Response from IPS

The best reason to hire IPS for armed alarm response is time. IPS can respond to your residential or commercial alarm in 15 minutes or fewer (compared to the hours it may take APD or other local law enforcement agency to arrive). That significantly increases our chances of:

  • Stopping theft or vandalism in progress
  • Catching the perpetrators before they flee the premises

Our success is your gain as a timely response can:

  • Minimize or prevent property damage and associated costs
  • Prevent liability costs associated with injury to guests, employees or customers
  • Spare you the expense of a private investigation

Armed alarm response provided by IPS also comes with a major cost-savings benefit because we do not charge false alarm fees.

How to Get IPS Armed Alarm Response

If you are not already receiving private residential security or private commercial security services, then contact your alarm monitoring service and make IPS your emergency contact. No private security service agreement is required. Please be advised, however, that our dispatch center will prioritize calls from our private security clients.

Existing IPS clients are already covered. You can rest assured that the experienced officers at IPS will be there when you need us.

Call International Protective Service for armed alarm response to your Albuquerque-area home or business.

Local: (505) 897-2420

Toll Free: (855) 554-7477

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